This space is a simple place to share things I’ve written over the years. I've worked to understand what challenging behaviour is and isn’t, and how we might think about and respond to it. The site has accessible information and opinions about what is today termed positive behaviour support. Here you’ll find resources on other intellectual disability issues, too.

I consider challenging behaviour to be, above all else, two things: complaining and communication. It follows we must not work to eliminate but understand its meaning before deciding how to respond.

What most people need are not plans and assessments for challenging behaviour, but good support and understanding.

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functional assessment, person centred approaches, positive behaviour support
Tony Osgood

PBST Event

I'm speaking in mid-June at an NHS-organised event concerning positive behaviour support. You can download the powerpoint presentation here. PBS Ecologies Downloadable Version

British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) 2017 PBS Conference Papers:

Ancient Wisdom : What we think we know about supporting families during Positive Behaviour Support (paper in support of Families/Coaches session)
 Every Generation Must Fight the Same Battles Again & Again : Remembering All The Variables? Why Subjective Should Be The New Objective (paper in support of Keynote address)