This website is where I share things I’ve written concerning intellectual disability, autism, and behaviour that challenges.Challenging behaviour often concerns two things: complaining, and communication.

To support a person better, we need to understand the message behind challenging behaviour. To avoid or amend such behaviour, we need to change how we support people. Great support is built around the person's preferences: mediocre support is built around organisational preferences.

What most people need is genuine person centred support, not restraints or medication, and certainly not others telling them who they should be, what they should like, how they should live.

Most people benefit from local solutions, not hospitals. Most people benefit from being supported in ways they need to gain a good quality of life. Quality of life is people living interesting & active lives, within a network of respectful relationships, comprising people who like each other, in the places they enjoy.

If any of us were to lack a quality of life, we'd likely show behaviours considered challenging either to others, or to ourselves. 

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