On this page I will occasionally add news.

13th June

Pleased to say I gained Senior Lecturer post at Tizard Centre.

2nd May 2017

Beginning the first draft of a book proposal I've been intending to write for about ten years: "A Short But Instructive Guide to Challenging Behaviour". I know the publisher I'd like to work with, so that's something. (This may be the first in a series of four books. But we'll see.)

It'll be written with parents and family carers, advocates, support staff, and people who are interested in why humans are just so weird so often. It'll touch on autism, developmental disabilities, and humans generally. Including those little humans called children. Accessible, funny and humane, and chock full of simple advice. Well, that's the plan anyhow.
I hope to have the proposal completed by the end of June 2017, and a first draft completed by late summer 2018.

1st May 2017

Just agreed: I'll be editing a book with Dr Peter Baker. Tentative title to be confirmed, but possibly Challenging Behaviour & Intellectual Disabilities: A Handbook. Possibly aiming for May or June 2018. (I'll add more detail once confirmed.)