December 2019

A busy month: another podcast interview, a conference talk, helping out organising the May 2020 BILD Conference Making PBS Inclusive, (come to Glasgow!) and the publication of my first Jessica Kingsley book.

Here's the publisher Blog.

The book provides an informal guide to understanding challenging behaviour, and most importantly, how to avoid and respond to it safely. The book shows how to support people in ways that don’t damage relationships and hope.

JKP Book

December 2019

Writing updates:

I'm mid-way through writing a book about how practice leadership can help the work of services supporting people whose behaviour is thought of as challenging. I hope to have this finished by March 2020: the working title is Supporting People. Likely to be submitted to Jessica Kingsley in Spring next year.

I've just agreed to write a 'How To' kind of book with Roy Deveau, again about management and leadership. We aim to be done by January 2021. No title as yet.

I've also written a plan for another book - hopefully to be completed by December 2020 - about challenging behaviour. This will be submitted to Jessica Kingsley, and will deal with how to de-escalate conflicts.

Unrelated, my first novel will be edited soon. More to follow.

May 2019

Here's a link to my video podcast on 'Values & Science - Getting the Balance Right in PBS'

April 2019

Very pleased to announce my own book on challenging behaviour will be published by Jessica Kingsley in December 2019. It's available for pre-order and is on Amazon.

I am currently writing a follow up book about practice leadership in services (working title 'Supporting People') which will hopefully be completed by February 2020. I've also plans for a third title, to be written during 2020.

May 2019

I recently completed the co-editing a new book for Pavilion. It's due to be published in June 2019. You can click on the cover to go to the publisher's website.

All editing fees are being donated to the Challenging Behaviour Foundation

15th May 2019

I ran two sessions at the British Institute of Learning Disability Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) conference in Birmingham. It was great to catch up with so many people and hear about their work & research. If you navigate here you can read and download all the presentations of all the speakers.