If you're interested in speaking with me, email tonyosgood[at]protonmail.com

I've worked in intellectual and developmental disability and autism roles for nearly thirty years as a direct support worker, as a manager of services, and in psychological services.

For more than a decade and a half I have been a lecturer and senior lecturer at the Tizard Centre, part of the University of Kent, teaching about positive behaviour support, autism, functional assessment, the best forms of implementation, the importance of practice leadership and about service quality.

I'm planning to retire from the University in 2019 and will continue to write & consult. It's been a huge honour to be part of the University: I've learned an enormous amount from spending time with the likes of Professor Jim Mansell, Professors Peter McGill, Julie-Beadle-Brown and others.

I've contributed to a University of Kent FutureLearn Massive Open Online Course about Autism along with Dr Jill Bradshaw. This programme looks pretty interesting, primarily because of the key involvement of some pretty amazingly skilled people with autism.

I've worked privately to find solutions for behavioural issues within families and teams for twenty years.

I've have taught, mentored and supported individuals, families, teams and organisations across the UK and abroad. I've also consulted and taught in private, voluntary and statutory services.