You can download or simply read the 2009 newsletters on this page. [Warning: the photograph in some of these newsletters makes me look like Demis Roussos, but I promise not to don kaftans or sing Quand je t'aime unexpectedly.]

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Stress! "Deviating from plans can cause unease & stress. Sandy Toogood once said It’s good to have a plan. If only to deviate from it. So! Time to learn to dance, to not be dogmatic, to cut yourself (and the rest of the family), a break. To allow yourself a scream, a tear, a moan and not to decry yourself for getting stressed at what is one of the hardest situations any family could face.The current focus on family support, on recognising the vital role of family carers is great. Provided it results in actions not words."


Time In or Time Out? "Someone (I forget who, I’m afraid) once observed that if a kid can’t read we teach them to read, if they can’t swim we teach them to swim, but if a kid doesn’t know how to behave we... discipline? ...punish?"


Getting a Break: "If you are caring for a disabled child or adult, getting a break can be likened to searching for a low-lying island whilst treading water in a shark infested ocean."