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Challenging Provision: "Our challenge now is to engage with commissioners and encourage innovation and the application of what we know about what works and what doesn’t. Let’s join in advocating for more local quality options for families. And the best way of advocating is to demonstrate just how good your idea can be in practice. So whether it’s in the Garden of England or the Vale of Glamorgan let’s wave the pom-poms wildly and start cheerleading for what works."


Medication's What You Need?" Popping a pill is easy. It may be a pragmatic option when nothing else is available, but an answer for challenging behaviour it certainly isn’t. Medication may help some people, but it’s not compulsory, and the evidence is not as overwhelming as its use suggests. Medication is not a panacea. It’s often a placebo. Different thing altogether."


Tying Ourselves in Knots: "Seven snips to cut yourself a break. Snip 1: Define success. Snip 2: Sometimes we need someone else to come and help us free ourselves. Snip 3: Consider strategic capitulation. Snip 4: When the world is dark, take off the sunglasses. Snip 5: Why wait for the war? Snip 6: Be realistic. Snip 7: Never stop listening"