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A Pannacotta Fable: "I’m increasingly spending time with people whose experience of social services, health, education and adult services is nothing less than, well, to be frank, appalling."


Howdy Partners: "It is scary giving time and a bit of ourselves to fellow humans in difficult situations. It takes courage. Go ask John Wayne. As he said: “Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway.”


A long and bumpy ride: "A customer journey built upon the cheapest bidder may not be the happiest."


Unreasonable Adjustments: "The CBF is here today because fifteen years ago a few people took a look at the world and agreed ‘well, we don’t call it good enough.’ There is a lesson here: never underestimate the ability of a few good people to change the behaviour and hearts of thousands and thousands of others."


Just Because: "Amidst our ordinary lives, listening to people well is some small thing we can do that is extraordinary. Listening means taking everyone seriously, regardless of abilties."


Words: "These children did not ask to be born with such difficulties. Did one of our children ask to be unheard? To have no voice? Did even one ask to be taught challenging behaviours? So the least we can do is move beyond well-crafted words of plans and (I hate this phrase) ‘management guidelines’ and toward a space of meeting on an equal footing. Because words are not doing. It is doing that matters. And we owe our kids that much, surely."